Frequently asked questions

1. What debts do we recover?

We recover debts arising from outstanding bills, debt notes, contracts and agreements. We can help you if your employer does not settle in time and does not pay your salary. We will also help you recover your debt if your customers do not fulfil their obligations to pay invoices for services, works or goods.

2. What kind of debt evidence (documents) you should have in order to get a debt recovery offer?

You need a valid debt document that justifies the amount of the debt you want to recover. These include: contract, VAT invoice, debt note, court order, etc. The most important thing is that the document is valid. We also recover the debt if you only have correspondence in which the debtor acknowledges that he owes you, or you have a bank transfer order that makes the debtor liable to settle with you. If you do not have a debt document or if it is not valid, you can use the debt document templates on www.eskolos.lt. In this way, you will have a debt document in the future that meets the requirements of the law and you will be able to apply for debt recovery.

3. What does the debt sale mean?

You can sell to us the debt you want to recover and your will have no legal relationship with the debtor any longer! Once the debt sale offer has been approved, you will be paid the amount of money immediately, and no additional charges will apply.

4. What does it mean to sell a debt with a postponed payment of the agreed price?

After you have accepted the offer for sale of the debt with a postponed payment of the agreed price, we will execute the pre-trial and judicial debt recovery for the agreed price. In addition, you will not have to worry - you will be able to monitor the debt recovery process by logging in to the Eskolos.lt user area. Debt recovery takes place without any advance or additional fees, and the agreed price will be paid to you after recovery of all or part of the debt from the debtor.

5. What do the terms of the offer depend on?

We fully assess the debtor's solvency and provide you with adequate terms for the debt sale. The terms of the debt sale depend on the solvency of your debtor.

6. Can I sell a debt for a child's maintenance or a claim for non-pecuniary damage?

No, we cannot buy a debt for a child's maintenance or a claim for non-pecuniary damage, as this is not allowed by law. However, we can offer you our legal services. In this case, we will represent your interests and help you recover your money for the agreed success fee on the basis of the contract for the provision of legal services.

7. Do I have to pay a registration fee to transfer the debt for recovery?

No, we do not apply any registration or advance fees.

8. Must a debtor be a national of the Republic of Lithuania or a legal person registered in the Republic of Lithuania?

No. We have partners all over the world, so we guarantee high quality debt recovery worldwide. We recover debts from the nationals of the Republic of Lithuania abroad, as well as from nationals of other states and/or legal entities registered in other countries

9. Who can use Eskolos.lt services?

Any persons, both legal and natural, who want to recover their money from debtors can apply to Eskolos.lt and register a debt.

10. I have registered the debt. When can I expect the offer and in what form will it be given to me?

The offer to sell the debt will be submitted within 15-20 minutes from debt registration. You will receive information about the offer submission process by email and SMS, and you can view and select the offer in the user area.

11. How long is the offer validity period?

The offer is valid for 3 days from its submission. Due to the rapidly changing situation of debtors, we tend to reconsider the debt recovery offer.

12. Are entered personal data confidential?

Yes. In the registration form in Eskolos.lt, please provide personal information (given name, surname, phone number, email address, personal number, etc.). These data are required to verify your identity when registering a debt, they can also be used to contact you if we have questions about the service. We respect your privacy and the confidentiality of personal data, so we store and process your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania. The reliability of the Eskolos.lt website and the security of your data is also ensured by the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. Using this certificate, a secure connection is created between our server and your browser, which makes it possible to encrypt the information sent throughout the session using a unique session key. More information about the way, the basis, purpose, and duration of storing and processing of your personal data and its scope you can find in the privacy policy of our website.

13. Why does the creditor have to present his/her identity document?

The creditor's identity document is required to make sure that the debt document has been provided by the person who is entitled to the claim against the debtor. Only after making sure that a person contacting us has such rights, we will be able to verify the information about the debtor and submit an offer for the purchase or recovery of the debt.

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