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We recover debts, based on promissory notes, bills of exchange, loan agreements, payment orders, and other available documents. If your debt document complies with the requirements of the law, we will buy your debt – you will get your money back immediately.

Loan Agreement

Protect your interests in case of non-repayment when giving a loan. It’s advisable to have the will of the parties documented with the loan giver expressing their intention to borrow the money, while the loan receiver receives the money and undertakes to repay it until a certain date. If you loan cash under Eur 3,000, your promissory note should indicate the fact of transferring the money, for example, ‘I, Petras Petraitis, received an amount of Eur 500 from Jonas Jonauskas on...’ and then indicate the date and sign the note with the borrower. If the loan amount exceeds Eur 3,000 and the transaction is completed in cash, you should go to a notary and certify the fact of transferring the money at the notary’s office. If you give a loan by making a bank transfer, specify the exact purpose of the payment in the payment purpose. Lending money can be a tricky process, so using the Eskolos app may be quite useful.

Debt recovery from a loan receiver
  • Generates a loan agreement fast, based on the data entered;
  • The loan agreements comply with the requirements of the law;
  • Free and safe signing of a loan agreement using an e-signature;
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Promissory note
Recovery of a debt under a promissory note

If you are lending on the basis of a simple promissory note, make sure that the promissory note has all the required details:

  • the words ‘promissory note’ are indicated in the language the note is issued in;
  • unconditional obligation to repay the amount indicated’
  • payment term;
  • payment place;
  • title or name and surname of the person to whom or by whose order the payment must be made;
  • place and date of issue;
  • signature of the person issuing the promissory note (issuer of the promissory note);
  • in cases where the economic entity issuing the promissory note does not conduct accounting based on the rules of simplified accounting, information to confirm this fact.

A promissory note, which exceeds the amount of three thousand Euro must be notarized if the issuer of the promissory note is a natural or an economic entity, conducting accounting based on the rules of simplified accounting.

It should be noted that after the due date of the promissory note, the holder of the promissory note must present the promissory note for payment on the last day of the payment term or two following business days. You must send the demand to repay the note to the borrower by registered mail no later than in two days since the end of the payment term. Always save a copy of the notice with a copy of a postal receipt.

If your debtor has not repaid the debt, you must send the following notice of non-payment under the promissory note in two days after sending the demand to repay under the promissory note. Always save a copy of the notice with a copy of a postal receipt.

If you did not get your money back regardless of the actions taken, don’t hesitate and contact the notary to issue an executive record. Note, that a notary will issue an executive record only if all other steps have been properly taken and you will be able to submit the promissory note, copies of the demand to pay with the post office receipt, and copies of the notice regarding non-payment with a post office receipt.

If the notary refused to issue an executive record, don't be dismayed and contact Eskolos – we’ll help to recover your debt even in such case.

You can find all debt document templates, i.e. promissory note, demand to pay according to the promissory note, notice of non-payment, and loan agreement, by clicking here.

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Make sure that your debt document complies with the requirements of the law and we will buy your debt – you will get your money immediately!
Debt recovery from a loan receiver
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