Recovery of Unpaid Salary

It is normal and natural for employees to expect the employer to pay the salary (agreed remuneration for work performed by the employee under an employment contract) on a regular monthly basis at the time agreed in the employment contract, however, it is not uncommon for unforeseen circumstances to arise (the employer has encountered financial difficulties, the bankruptcy proceedings against the employer have been initiated or the employer maliciously avoids payment) that cause regular salary payments to be disrupted, the employer fails to pay the salary on time and is late in settling with the employee. The employee is constantly promised that the money will be paid, but the promises are not fulfilled or the employer avoids communicating with him or her, negotiating the payment of salary and other related benefits under the employment contract.

The legal team would like to remind you that the salary must be paid in cash, so do not give in to the pressure/requests of the employer and do not accept objects/services of the employer or other persons instead of the payment of the salary due to you. Your work must be remunerated in accordance with the terms and conditions of the employment contract!

We remind you that the salary paid by the employer consists of:

  • basic salary;

  • additionally agreed salary;

  • premiums for the acquired qualification;

  • bonuses for additional work;

  • premiums.

In addition, the employer must settle with the employee not only for the salary but also for other employment-related benefits due to the employee (for unused annual leave due to the employee, daily allowances, forfeit, etc.).

So are the most favourable actions that you can take in the event that the employer does not settle you?

The legal team of claims that you should not give up, but it is not advisable to delay and wait for the employer to pay the employee's salary or other related benefits. The longer the delay in the recovery of the debt, the more likely it is that the recovery of salary will take a long period of time, and there is also a risk that not all of the employee's salary and/or employment-related benefits will be recovered.

In view of this, we recommend that you contact the Labour Dispute Committee or other specialists regarding unpaid salary and/or unpaid employment-related benefits, who could help you to not get lost in the field of law. We remind you that the Labour Dispute Committee is a mandatory pre-trial labour dispute resolution body that deals with individual labour disputes and collective labour disputes concerning employment law relations. The decision taken by the Labour Dispute Committee is an executive document, on the basis of which the forced recovery of the awarded debt from the employer becomes possible!

And if a bankruptcy case has been filed against an employer who has not settled with the employee, then we would like to note that fact that filing a bankruptcy case is not an obstacle to recovering your salary!

We always suggest you to not hesitate and contact the professionals in their field – We can advise and help you recover your hard-earned money, even if your employer has filed for bankruptcy. We can also offer to purchase a claim for unpaid salary and/or unpaid employment-related benefits from you at an attractive price for you!

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